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Liner Griffith (ライナー・グリフィス Rainā Gurifisu) is the protagonist of the JRPG game Brave Hearts, and the leader of the Hero's Party.



In Brave Hearts, he is shown as a kind person which was also straightforward and impulsive, he hates injustice and has the dream of "saving everyone" the total personality of a generic hero.

He has a fiery personality that shows no sign or willingness to give up on his goal of becoming stronger in order to protect people dear to him.


  • Brave mode: It was a sort of invincible mode, when a character uses it the Attack Power increases, decreased the damage taken in half, and made it so that even if a character in brave mode was attacked while executing a technique, said technique could not be invalidated or skipped in the middle of its execution. In the novel, Liner during a battle with Harold, he activates brave mode for a few moments before casting a spell, falling exhausted and losing, at which point, Harold recants calling him incompetent and then says something a little better.
  • Elemental Magic :the only elemental magic used by liner is fire (although this may change as the novel progresses).
  • Swordsmanship: Liner has experience in handling the sword. Since he was little, he even participated in a youth tournament where he was second, after Harold.
  • Gram Grand Sword: This sword is a treasured object and the weapon used by Liner in the game, which has the function of unlocking the potential of its user based on their emotions, the sword is connected to their emotions, whether positive or negative. When you let your feelings explode, you are able to unleash its potential and increase its strength in many folds. It also has a function that allowed it to absorb the surrounding magic power to fuel magic attribute attacks. these are the functions seen so far, it is unknown if it has more.